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Yangzhou Yinyan high-efficiency low-nitrogen pulverized coal burner has won the national patent

The cross jet high efficiency and low nitrogen pulverized coal burner used in cement rotary kiln developed by Yangzhou silver flame Machinery Co., Ltd.
The cross jet high efficiency and low nitrogen pulverized coal burner used in cement rotary kiln developed by Yangzhou silver flame Machinery Co., Ltd. is authorized by the national utility model patent. This patent can not only effectively solve the problems of low combustion concentration of pulverized coal, large amount of primary air and poor energy saving effect in existing rotary kiln burners, but also can effectively solve the problem of high nitrogen oxide emission in existing burners.
In the interview, the reporter learned that at present, the burner used in cement rotary kiln is widely used in the design of La Farge supersonic nozzle with discrete arrangement and strong ability to sweep two times. But the La Farge nozzle is the fixed outlet area, the axial flow wind strength can only be controlled by the butterfly valve in the upstream. If the outlet area is adjusted to adapt to the fuel fluctuation, the nozzle must be replaced by the kiln and the adaptability is poor. In addition, the La Farge nozzle can reduce the contact time of pulverized coal and two air through the coal wind arranged on the inside, and the effect of reducing NOx is not obvious, and it has no practical application value.
In view of the above problems, Yangzhou silver flame company innovation burner design concept, by improving the concentration of pulverized coal and reducing the amount of primary air to reduce the amount of cold air into the kiln, on the basis of not adding other equipment, using the combustion characteristics of pulverized coal, improve the concentration of pulverized coal transportation and change the jet air jet after the pulverized coal powder is ejected. In the initial stage of combustion, an anoxic region is formed to improve the retention time and temperature level of fuel in the fuel enrichment area, increase the retention time of coke particles in the fuel enrichment area, reduce the formation tendency of nitrogen oxides in the coke particles, and reduce the energy consumption to the maximum extent, and reduce the NOx significantly. Generation.
According to the above design concept, Yangzhou silver flame company successfully solved a series of technical problems, such as low temperature calcining technology and technology, industrial design of high efficiency low nitrogen burner, and intelligent sensing control technology of burner, and successfully developed a multi channel coal powder burner designed with cross jet technology. Its core technologies include the use of cross jet technology, low resistance high pressure nozzle, low pressure honeycomb rotary cutting nozzle, adjustable swirler and flexible adjustable low resistance and high efficiency nozzle. After the testing of cement enterprises, when the concentration of pulverized coal is more than 5kgca, the ignition mode of pulverized coal combustion is filtered from multiphase ignition to homogeneous ignition, which has the advantages of strengthening the combustion stability, reducing the ignition temperature and increasing the speed of flame propagation, and forming a cross jet area with the swirling wind and the low pressure rotary cutting nozzle, which can supplement enough oxygen. As the gas helps to burn up, it can also form a reflux area of flame fireworks, which is beneficial to the formation of a stable flame, thus inhibiting the formation of NOx and significantly reducing the emission of NOx, making the emission of nitrogen oxides less than 0.04% - 0.06% in the kiln system.
Not long ago, the Jiangsu Provincial Committee made and announced the implementation plan for the clean production transformation of the key industrial industries in Jiangsu, which required the popularization and application of "cement kiln nitrogen oxide emission reduction combination technology" in the cement industry, including the "energy-saving multi channel low nitrogen burner technology" and "selective non production" of Yangzhou silver flame company. Catalytic reduction (SNCR) denitrification technology.